Christmas Photodiary

photographed by Widhihapsari
blazer, Batik Permata – dress, Uptown Girl

Hi guys! Hope you are having a lovely Christmas season and enjoy your holidays!
What comes to your mind thinking of Christmas? Have you already got the nice present?
Merry Christmas everyone!


Batik Permata : December Art

photographed by Ardianto & Reza Arief
All item by Batik Permata

Last week I had a photo session with Batik Permata. I’m so glad and very excited!
Batik Permata is an exclusive brand of batik product from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our products (actually the owner is my sister) range from batik fabric up to clothes that are produced by skilled batik artisan in our workshop. We already have re-sellers in various cities in Indonesia and regularly serve customers from abroad, such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. If you want to buy, you can contact for any question regarding shipment and payment methods in any currency.  Honestly, the products are rather meant for young people and all those pieces they sell don't look boring at all.  I also adore the top with Peplum design, peplum is very famous right now so combining with pants or skirt will create the perfect outfit.
You can find so many gorgeous Batik dresses that will definitely suit your fashion style from Batik Pemata. If you are looking for Batik outfit, you should visit Batik Permata on Facebook Page or website. Does these dresses look good on me?


old story

Photographed by Widhihapsari
purple dress and blue hat, LMforhardware – blue sunglasses necklace – brown wedges, hush puppies

Welcome back to another week! I hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, but life has been busy and a lot of changes have been going on. Back to my outfit, I purchased this dress from LMforhardware and it was basically love at first sight. I love the silhouette, it's so fun, simple and feminine. I paired it with blue hat and pink belt. I'm pretty sure with brown wedges from hush puppies is just simple thing to perfectly. Btw, I want to share a little bit, in my opinion many people say that you never forget your first love. But now that it's over,  you're scared that you'll never find anyone to ever replace them or maybe you're just afraid that you wont ever be as happy with someone else. But perhaps you should, because memories of it can wreck your relationships for life.
Are we going to return to our first love?


fake friend?

photographed by Citra Ayu
print top, LMforhardware – pink skirt – purple shoes, everbest

Welcome November everyone!  I apologize for not responding to people this past two weeks - it has been hectic and I did not have a chance to posting . I've done a lot of fun things, but there also were some terrible problems. Hhm everyone wants a true friend, and many of us believe that we have a friend who can be called a true friend. How do we define a relation that can be called a true friendship? Sometimes everything is just so confusing. Enough for all about random, back to print top from LMforhardware combined with pink skirt and shoes from everbest. I took this photos with my best friend. She was very excited about what I wear, thank you so much Citra J


just hurt and hide

Photographed by Widhihapsari
collar blouse, nobby Рwhite pants, sixty Рfloral shoes, calliopé Рhair clip, bugis street Рnecklace, jade

I’m leaving and not looking back. Actually there's no one here to save. Oh I want just keep quiet and let  it go. But I’m in unfinished business. I have to calm down and looking for the best way to resolve. And for all of you who are having problems, hopefully we can get through it well.  Wasting time with something that hurts is really bad but in every moment I believe there would be something for helpful maybe next day. Keep smiling guys!  Back, focus with what I wore yesterday, collar blouse from nobby is so cute then I combined with white pants from sixty. Calliop√© shoes is just simple thing to perfectly J