me in you

Photographed by Widhihapsari
pastel floral dress - white ring - white flower hairclip, bugis street  

I remember.. All the things that we shared and the promise we made, just you and I.
I remember.. All the laughter we shared, all the wishes we made, upon the roof at down.
Do you remember? When we were dancing in the rain in that December. Lyrics by MOCCA - I REMEMBER 
I really love this song. Tell about memories when we’re shared with someone. Honestly, someone in my past gave me this dress and reminds me with a lot of memories. But now let be memorable. Back with outfit I wore yesterday, so much love the floral pattern and always sporting simple pieces. Then I combined with a cute ring for adding romantic feel. Hope you like it!


sheer simplicity

Photograped by Widhihapsari
brown shirt - pink assymetrical skirt - colourful bag, GOSH - wedges

We don't know what the future will be come for ourselves but we'll better able to decide what is best for us. Hhhm too many that I want for my future. All the dreams and hopes of becoming one. But I should do my best to focus on something from me now and choose the best for me. So back to an outfit today is something simple and come back again with pastel colors. The simple combination of my clothes and then I paired it with colourful necklace and bag. Top and skirt which have not pattern makes perfect if I combined with something that has many colors. This is the same as the dreams and hopes that simple if accompanied by something such as prays, efforts, and don't be hopeless will easier for us to get the best. Think of a necklace and a bag that has lots of colors such as the many ways that we can live to reach a dream.


blue floral

photographed by Widhihapsari
white pearl lace dress – blue floral bag, InBeautyQ - heels, D'vania

Hi welcome august everyone , let me sharing again about my daily clothes. This dress has a pearl at the top and made ​​of white lace. At the bottom there is a pink flower based on blue color cotton. These looks like transparent because wrapped by white lace. And blue floral bag from InBeautyQ very match with color the bottom of dress. Then I paired with classic heels from D'vania makes so romantic. Do you agree?