Union Jack - stuff #1

photographed by widhihapsari
Union Jack long sleeve shirt, bugis street - Union Jack necklace - floral bag, starcross - brown flat shoes, pavillion

“At first when I see you cry,
yeah it makes me smile, yeah it makes my smile
At worst I feel bad for a while,
but then I just smile I go ahead and smile”
No offense, just love this song. Famous song by Lily Allen that tells about the girl who dealing with the betrayal of her boyfriend, while enjoying his misery. I'm pretty excited with the singers or bands are originated from England, especially London. Not only Lily Allen but I really love the singers and bands like Dido, The Clash, Radiohead, The xx, and many more. And I’ve decided to wore Union Jack stuff on my outfit. This long sleeve shirt is very comfortable when I can combined with simple dress inside. So we can used many dress to combined with long sleeve shirt just with one sweater or long sleeve.
Hopefully you like it.


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